Rejuvenate and Return Safely

  • Published
  • By Lt. Col. Will Phillips
  • Air Education and Training Command Director of Safety

JOINT BASE SAN ANTONIO-RANDOLPH, Texas-- Labor Day honors American workers for their positive impacts on the success of the United States. Air Education and Training Command depends on the labors of each and every one of its Airmen to recruit, train and educate the world’s best Air Force. These efforts demand a lot from every Airman, and this will be an opportunity for them to enjoy a well-earned break. As we continue to emerge from the pandemic, holidays like this represent a chance to return to socializing in many of the same ways we did before. As you do so, don’t forget to watch out for one another and celebrate this long weekend responsibly, so that each and every one of you returns safely. Speak up if you see an unsafe situation developing, and don’t be afraid to be the lone voice. Your courage may just save a life.

Additionally, an unfortunate truth about Labor Day is that it is among the top five deadliest holidays to be on the road, according to the American Safety Council. Many people look at the Labor Day weekend as a last chance to take advantage of summer before fully transitioning back to the new school year. That means a lot more drivers and their families sharing the road. While trying to cram as much fun as possible into this time, we have to avoid “get-there-itis” and pushing ourselves past our limits while trying to get to our vacation destinations and returning home. Ensure you are well rested and allow reasonable timelines in your travel plans. Also when driving, watch your speed, wear your seat belt, don’t drink and drive, and limit distractions, such as cell phones. With so many people on the road, unnecessarily risky behavior may harm not just you, but the families sharing the highway with you.

With a little bit of sober judgment and effective risk management, we will see you back healthy, rejuvenated and happy. Have fun, enjoy the time off and return safely!