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The Aviation Safety Division (SEF) consists of safety-trained professionals spanning the domain of flight. The division preserves warfighting capability by establishing Department of the Air Force aviation safety policy, promoting mishap prevention programs for all aviation assets and through the establishment of proactive safety programs. It oversees the aviation mishap investigative process, the collection and accuracy of flight safety data and the disposition of risk-mitigating actions. It provides proactive and reactive engineering and operational analyses of flight safety issues. Additionally, the division directs the Aircraft Information Program, the Hazardous Air Traffic Report Program, the Bird Aircraft Strike Hazard Program and the Mishap Analysis and Animation Facility.

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Chief, Aviation Safety Division
DSN: 246-0642
Comm : (505) 846-0642

Deputy Chief, Aviation Safety Division
DSN: 263-2615
Comm: (505) 853-2615

Engineering Branch
DSN: 246-0996
Comm: (505) 846-0996

Operations Branch
DSN: 246-4099
Comm: (505) 846-4099

Investigations Branch
DSN: 246-1404
Comm: (505) 846-1404

Remotely Piloted Aircraft Branch
DSN: 246-2864
Comm: (505) 846-2864

Bird/Wildlife Aircraft Strike Hazard Branch
DSN: 246-5674
Comm: (505) 846-5674