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Air Force Space Safety’s mission is to preserve combat space-power by anticipating, reducing, and preventing mishaps. We develop, execute, and evaluate Air Force space mishap prevention programs and execute Interagency Nuclear Safety Review Panel responsibilities on behalf of the Department of Defense. We promote safety awareness and mishap prevention with DoD, Civil, Commercial, Academic, and our International partners, the Space Safety Council, and media programs. We oversee mishap investigations, conduct evaluations, and ensure application of corrective actions and mishap inclusion to the Air Force Safety Automated System.


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9700 G Ave. SE
Kirtland AFB, NM 87117

Chief, Space Safety Division
(505) 846-6307

Deputy Chief, Space Safety Division
(505) 853-1945

Chief, Launch & Range Branch
(505) 853-1945

Chief, Innovation & Development Branch
(505) 846-0390

Chief, Systems Safety Branch
(505) 846-8074

Chief, Orbital Safety Branch
(505) 846-0458

IMA to the Director
(505) 846-1365

IMA Support
(505) 846-6001/(505) 846-0971

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