A Falcon 9 rocket launches Inspiration4 toward space Sept. 15, 2021, at Kennedy Space Center, Florida. Four private citizens were transported into orbit inside Space-X’s Dragon Resilience capsule. The crew, which is the first to be made up exclusively by private citizens, will orbit the Earth for three days. (U.S. Space Force photo by Airman 1st Class Thomas Sjoberg)

Space Safety

The Space Safety Division (SES) is responsible for assuring safe access to space through the oversight of pre-launch, launch and range, orbital, reentry, ground-based space systems, and end-of-life safety programs. As the Department of Defense lead for nuclear space safety, the division evaluates said payloads and provides results to the President of the United States for launch approval. As the Air and Space Forces space safety lead, the division strives to optimize spacepower in all mission areas. Specifically, the division’s mission is to safeguard U.S. spacepower via mishap prevention and above all, provide for and protect space.

The Space Safety Division accomplishes its mission through a number of different methods. It develops, executes, and evaluates the department’s space mishap prevention programs and executes Interagency Nuclear Safety Review Board responsibilities on behalf of the Department of Defense. The division also codifies space safety via department-level instructions, manuals, and guidance. It oversees mishap investigations, conducts evaluations, and ensures application of corrective actions and mishap inclusion to the Air Force Safety Automated System (AFSAS). Critical is their focus to promote safety awareness and mishap prevention via interface with DOD, civil, commercial, academic, international partners, and media programs. The division also provides the chair for the department’s Space Safety Council and has space safety privilege responsibility for information exempt by statue or case law from disclosure outside the department’s space safety community.

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9700 G Ave. SE
Kirtland AFB, NM 87117

Chief, Space Safety Division
(505) 846-6307

Deputy Chief, Space Safety Division
(505) 846-6788

Chief, Operations Branch
(505) 846-0971

Chief, Innovation & Development Branch
(505) 846-6788

Chief, Engineering Branch
(505) 853-1945

Interagency Nuclear Safety Review Board (INSRB)
(505) 846-6307

Tenets of Responsible Behavior

The Space Safety Division enables space operations consistent with the following Tenets of Responsible Behavior:

• Operate in, from, to, and through space with due regard to others and in a professional manner.
• Limit the generation of long-lived debris.
• Avoid the creation of harmful interference.
• Maintain safe separation and safe trajectory.
• Communicate and make notifications to enhance the safety and stability of the domain.

Space Safety Guidance

Current Department of the Air Force publications for space operations. As the USSF matures space safety-related guidance will be added.

DAFMAN 91-110 - Nuclear Safety Review and Launch Approval for Space or Missile Use or Radioactive Material
AFI91-202 - The U.S. Air Force Mishap Prevention Program
DAFI91-204 - Safety Investigation Reports
AFMAN 91-222 - Space Safety Investigations and Reports

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