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  • Studying vultures to keep MacDill, aircraft safe

    During the winter months, tens of thousands of people flock to Florida to escape the frigid temperatures in their home states. However, the urge to seek warmer weather in the Sunshine State isn’t an idea exclusive to humans; feathery, talon-wielding scavengers like the sound of it too! The team with the Air Force’s Bird/Wildlife Aircraft Strike Hazard (BASH) program, a special program that aims to keep MacDill’s aircraft, Airmen and local wildlife safe, conducted a study on black vultures and turkey vultures seen throughout South Tampa.
  • FEATURE: A Typical Monday Morning

    Taking a single-seat fighter across the ocean can prove exceptionally challenging when faced with compounding emergency procedures. The mantra of aviate, navigate and communicate takes on a whole new meaning when faced with engine and electrical malfunctions at night, over the ocean, far from divert bases, and an impending radio failure.
  • Driving safety with Maj. Gen. Rauch

    F.E. Warren Air Force Base, Wyoming, has felt the effects of winter for a few months, but Dec. 21, 2018, was the official start of winter. As the season rolls on, the temperatures fluctuate with extreme cold, snow and ice and it is important we take the proper safety measures, thus ensuring a happy and uneventful winter. One key factor to ensure
  • Starting the New Year off with safety

    Time off is necessary for anyone to recharge and come back stronger; however, after returning everyone must refocus to get back on track to eliminate costly mistakes.
  • Don't break a leg, ride safe

    For the past three months, when someone asked me why I’m on crutches, or use a cane, I’ve told them I had a “motorcycle accident”. I learned pretty quickly that the more accurate scooter accident often conjured images of push-scooters frequently seen around playgrounds near elementary schools.My 50cc scooter wasn’t quite as gas efficient as those,
  • Edwards gets ‘back in the saddle’ for 2019

    Before heading into 2019 full throttle, the 412th Test Wing took a pause to remind its workforce to be safe while conducting its test mission.Everything from aircraft in-flight emergencies to workplace injuries were examined at the base theater during the annual Back in the Saddle briefing held Jan. 2.Back in the Saddle combines mishap reviews from
  • Safe driving during winter season

    Winter has arrived once again and with the drop in temperature, rain systems, strong wind currents and even fog, there is an increased risk to those driving.The 9th Security Forces Squadron reminds those who call Recce Town home and the surrounding populace to practice safety precautions during this time of year."Due to low visibility, especially
  • 386th hosts first BASH training in Southwest Asia

    Timing is critical for mission success; ensuring aircraft get off the ground in the designated time is a must. However, when animals don’t seem to be too concerned, proper measures must be taken. Many airfields in Southwest Asia have found it difficult to keep animals away from runways and are looking for the most humane way to do so.
  • Dressing for Cold Weather

    WRIGHT-PATTERSON AIR FORCE BASE, Ohio—Hypothermia is defined as abnormally low body temperature caused by prolonged exposures to very cold temperatures.  When exposed to cold temperatures, your body begins to lose heat faster than it’s produced.  Lengthy exposures will eventually use up your body’s stored energy, which leads to lower body
  • Holiday safety 101

    When people are busy decorating, shopping, entertaining or traveling during the holiday season, the rush to complete their to-do lists could lead to a lack of emphasis on proper safety practices.

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