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The Occupational Safety Division (SEG) manages the Department of the Air Force occupational safety program, including operational, industrial, occupational, sports and recreation, and traffic safety. This division has oversight responsibility for the safety risk management program and epidemiology efforts for the DAF mishap prevention program.  It oversees integration of safety inspections, assessments and evaluation policy in conjunction with the DAF inspector general. The division manages Air and Space Forces safety standards and interprets Department of Labor and industry standards for implementation throughout the DAF. The division conducts evaluations of service-wide occupational safety mishap investigations and provides advice to investigators in the field through their parent major and field commands. The division is responsible for the development and content of formal occupational safety-related training courses for supervisors and safety professionals. It develops and oversees occupational safety policy, programs and procedures to provide a safe work environment and enhance the safety of Airmen and Guardians while off duty to help maintain combat capability and readiness. It is the DAF office of responsibility for all OSHA-related guidance and processes for dealing with the Department of Labor in regards to inspections, investigations, and recordkeeping.

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The following link is to the Code of Federal Regulations. For active duty Air Force Occupational Safety professionals (1S0X1), promotion testing purposes. Please refer to the latest Enlisted Promotions References Requirements Catalog for your specific grade-level requirements.


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Air Force personnel can obtain training information through the Training and Force Development Division webpage, or with a Common Access Card on the Safety University Portal page and the Occupational Safety SharePoint site under training.


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Chief, Air Force Occupational Safety Division
DSN: 246-0824
Comm : (505) 846-0824

Deputy Chief, Air Force Occupational Safety Division
DSN: 246-0808
Comm: (505) 846-0808

Career Field Manager
DSN: 246-4734
Comm: (505) 846-4734

Operations, Evaluations & Training Branch
DSN: 263-4869
Comm: (505) 853-4869

Publications & Standards Branch
DSN: 263-2494
Comm: (505) 853-2494

Reports, Analysis & Investigations Branch
DSN: 246-6809
Comm: (505) 846-6809

Traffic & Outreach Branch
DSN: 246-0790
Comm: (505) 846-0790