Be a part of the safety initiative; Report it ASAP!

  • Published
  • By Staff Sgt. Delaney Gonzales
  • 633rd Air Base Wing Public Affairs

To keep up with today’s pace of technological evolution, a new platform was created for members of the JBLE community to report hazards and high-risk practices that occur on the installation. The Airman Safety Action Program, or ASAP, is an application that can be accessed through any computer or phone browser via or by using “Airman Safety App,” which can be downloaded from Google Play or the Apple App Store.

“Use of the app helps ensure that hazards do not go unnoticed,” said Senior Master Sgt. Jakob Q. Kurtz, 633rd Air Base Wing safety superintendent. “An open hazard puts our members at risk for injury. Since safety personnel cannot be everywhere, we rely on our JBLE team to identify things that don’t look quite right.  If personnel use the app, we can start the investigation process, and can get the tools and resources needed to abate the hazard.”

Safety teams worldwide continue to evolve their approach in protecting military personnel and assets through a variety of means.”

“ASAP is an Air Force Safety Center developed program to encourage capturing events that may not meet the typical mandatory reporting threshold,” said Capt. Richard Cook, 1st Fighter Wing Flight Safety officer. “By learning from these events, we can identify shortcomings in our processes that expose us to unnecessary risk and mitigate those risks to allow for safer operations – ultimately preserving Airmen’s lives and Air Force assets.”

This mobile application empowers Airmen to speak out against safety concerns by increasing their reporting options. They can choose to report anonymously or provide contact information – this eliminates possible barriers that may have been previously imposed.

“When the user inputs their unit into the report, the 1st Fighter Wing safety office will receive a notification in the Air Force Safety Automated System (AFSAS),” said Master Sgt. Damon Johnson, 1st FW Flight Safety superintendent. “This notification will allow our office to investigate the hazard and resolve the issue.”

“Even if you do give your information, your identity will not be reported to your chain of command and you cannot be punished for reporting unless the report indicates that there was a willful violation of rules or regulations,” Cook added.

When a safety concern is addressed and filed in a report, that report becomes a gateway for improved processes

 “Everyone has a role to play when it comes to ensuring a safe work center,” Johnson said. “It’s important that when we come to work every day, we come to an environment that is safe and free of hazards. When people get hurt or injured they are incapable of or limited in doing their job and satisfying the mission.”

The program directly enhances reporting capabilities; thus bridging the gap of communication between everyday-working Airmen and personnel in charge of safety.

 “Our goal is to protect personnel and resources so we can continue the fight unencumbered,” Kurtz stated. “The app is another avenue to safeguard personnel, protect resources, and preserve combat capability.”

For more information about ASAP, visit or use the QR code listed below.