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Due to the COVID-19 virus, the Air Force Safety Center has cancelled all in-residence courses scheduled through the end of December. Students can contact their MAJCOM/FOA/DRU Safety Training POCs or afsec.set@us.af.mil for questions.

About Us

The Training and Force Development Division (SET) serves as the foundation of excellence in ensuring the continuous professional development of all personnel assigned to safety staffs and/or supporting safety Air Force-wide. The program develops, teaches and manages the requisite safety education and training to enhance safety knowledge, skills and abilities that enhance aerospace power by eliminating mishaps through proactive hazard identification and risk management. The education and training encompasses all safety disciplines: aviation, occupational, weapons, space and missiles; ensuring mission-ready capabilities are preserved for the U.S. Air Force, and is delivered to approximately 2,000 students through 11 professional courses in 70 sessions, ranging from three days to seven weeks. The program ensures current and future mishap prevention requirements and opportunities are addressed by providing interactive education and training through on-site classroom course offerings, web-based course offerings and distance learning courses. The division chief also serves as the safety civilian career field manager, establishing policy and serving as the day-to-day advocate for issues and concerns.


Contact Information
FAX DSN: 246-1464
FAX Comm: (505) 846-1464

Chief, Training & Force Development Division
DSN: 246-4082
Comm : (505) 846-4082
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Deputy Chief, Training & Force Development Division
DSN: 246-4110
Comm: (505) 846-4110
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Chief, Training Management Branch
DSN: 246-1613
Comm: (505) 846-1613
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Chief, Training Quality Branch
DSN: 263-8460
Comm: (505) 853-8460
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Chief, Distance Learning Branch
DSN: 263-3973
Comm: (505) 853-3973
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Chief, Training Instruction Branch
DSN: 246-0932
Comm: (505) 846-0932
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