Oscar Frederick Carlson was born in 1902 in Seattle, Wash., where he graduated from high school in 1921, and from the University of Washington in 1926. He received his regular commission as a second lieutenant in the Air Corps on June 30, 1926. The following year he graduated from the Air Corps Primary Flying School, Brooks Field, Texas, and the Air Corps Advanced Flying School, Kelly Field, Texas.

General Carlson then joined the 41st School Squadron at Kelly Field and in April 1948 became a flying instructor at Brooks Field. In March 1929 he was transferred to March Field, Calif., as a flying instructor, and in October 1931 assumed that position at Randolph Field, Texas. He entered the Air Corps Technical School at Chanute Field, Ill., in September 1932 and upon graduation a year later was assigned to the Hawaiian Air Depot, where he served successively as supply officer, engineer officer and operations officer until September 1935.

In October 1935 General Carlson became an instructor at the Air Corps Technical School at Chanute Field and in February 1936 was assigned to the 98th Service Squadron there with which he served successively as engineer officer, operations officer and commanding officer. In July 1937 he entered the Air Corps Engineering School at Wright Field, Ohio, and upon graduation a year later remained as an aircraft engineer officer. He was transferred to Santa Monica, Calif., as a procurement officer in March 1943 and in April 1944 became operations and training staff officer at Patterson Field, Ohio.

General Carlson in September 1944 was assigned to command the Guam Air Depot, which he commanded until the end of hostilities in World War II. In December 1945 he was assigned to Brookley Field, Ala. In January 1945 he became deputy commander of Brookley Field. He entered the National War College in August 1947.

In June 1948 General Carlson was named director of procurement and instructional planning of Air Materiel Command, with station at Seattle, Wash. He was appointed deputy director of flight safety research at Norton Air Force Base, Calif., in March 1950, and the following October became director of flight safety research there. In March 1951 he was named special assistant to the chief of staff of the Air Force for the B-47 and B-52 program, with station at Wichita, Kan.

General Carlson became assistant deputy chief of staff for materiel at Air Force headquarters Nov. 1, 1951.

In August 1953 he was named deputy director of the Military Assistance Division at U.S. European Command headquarters, Frankfurt, Germany, moving to Paris, France on May 3, 1954.

General Carlson has been awarded the Legion of Merit with oak leaf cluster. He is rated a command pilot, technical observer and aircraft observer.

(Up to date as of May 1954)