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The Human Factors Division (SEH), organized in 2008, comprises experts from fields including operations, medicine, physiology, psychology and behavioral science, all focused on the human element in mishap prevention. The division supports aviation, ground, weapons and space safety divisions in investigating, assessing and analyzing the single most prevalent factor in all mishaps: the human factor. It analyzes data sources to identify root human factor hazards and provides research-based policy recommendations on mitigation strategies. It is responsible for the quality control of Human Factors Analysis and Classification System (HFACS) coding in all Class A mishaps. The division also develops and administers a suite of safety culture and organizational performance surveys and provides on-site Organization Safety Assessments (OSA) which provide feedback to commanders on the safety culture of their units. The division also supplies consultation and oversight on aircrew flight equipment safety and human factors.
This is a sample starter slide for the Rotate module. This is a sample starter slide for the Rotate module.

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