WR-ALC, AFGE sign new charter for Voluntary Protection Program

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  • Robins Public Affairs

Brig. Gen. Jennifer Hammerstedt, Warner Robins Air Logistics Complex commander, and Marion Williams, American Federation of Government Employees Local 987 president, came together Jan. 7 to sign a new charter for the WR-ALC Voluntary Protection Program.

The Voluntary Protection Program originates from the Occupational Safety and Health Administration and focuses on incorporating the Air Force’s culture of safety.

The charter establishes a WR-ALC - VPP Steering Committee whose primary objective is to provide strategic vision, program direction, and ensure VPP continuity across the Complex.

Driven by the VPP tenants of promoting safety and health management systems, the committee will work to exceed compliance with OSHA/AFOSH standards and improve occupational safety, health performance and accountability across all organizations.

The committee meets monthly and is comprised of representatives from groups, squadrons and staff organizations within the Complex. Members consist of an array of volunteers from the production areas to the WR-ALC headquarters staff.

Individual employees are encouraged to raise issues to their squadron VPP volunteers and/or group VPP program managers for problem resolution and the sharing of best practices.

The program sets performance-based criteria for a managed safety and health system.