2022 proving to be a new year of opportunities for Safety’s Master Sgt. DeAnndra Hartner

  • Published
  • By Jessie Perkins
  • Air Force Safety Center

When an enlisted service member demonstrates excellent leadership skills paired with exceptional talent in their area of specialty, senior leaders take notice. One such safety professional who embodies these values was recently selected for the opportunity to become a commissioned officer.

Master Sgt. DeAnndra Hartner, the noncommissioned officer in charge of the Training Quality Branch at the Air Force Safety Center was pleasantly surprised when Gen. David W. Allvin, Vice Chief of Staff of the Air Force, let her know she was selected for  the Senior Leader Enlisted Commissioning Program, via a virtual meeting at the center, Jan. 4.

Hartner also found out a few days later that Allvin had selected her for 92T3, the Remotely Piloted Aircraft designation. According to a description from Airforce.com RPA Pilots are officers responsible for guiding others and leading by example. [They] master of all aspects of advanced aviation, plan and prepare for missions, and operate aircraft controls and equipment.

SLECP empowers specific Air and Space Forces senior leaders to directly select exceptionally performing, highly talented enlisted Airmen and Guardians for commissioning through participation in Officer Training School.

“We were ecstatic to receive this outstanding information!” said Gwendolyn Dooley, the chief of AFSEC’s Training & Force Development Division “While we are sad to see her go, we know she will continue to accomplish amazing things as an officer in the Department of the Air Force.”

“Several factors led to my application including the encouragement of Ms. Dooley and my four year old son,” said Hartner. “Cameron has been a huge motivator in my journey to redefine myself and begin pursuing my career goals without inhibition.”

“After months of preparing my package for submission to the line officer board, the cut-off date was pushed three times before ultimately being cancelled,” she said. “After learning about the program I knew it would be competitive, but felt encouraged that my leadership supported this opportunity; their backing meant a great deal to me!”

 “When Master Sgt. Hartner arrived at the Safety Center, she hit the ground running, and it was immediately evident she was a leader and a perfect candidate for this program,” said Chief Master Sgt. Kevin James, Safety Career Field Manager. "We have had at least two other enlisted safety professionals in the last two years become commissioned officers, I think that speaks to the caliber of our 1S0s and the level of excellence they bring to the fight.” 

There are different avenues to becoming an officer as an enlisted member with both paths requiring a degree. The SLECP-Active Duty Scholarship path requires the enlisted member to pursue a degree full time while remaining on active duty status. When going the alternative SLECP-Officer Training School path, the member must already possess their bachelor’s degree enabling direct entrance to OTS.

Hartner was selected for the SLECP-A program and she continue pursuing her bachelor’s degree at the University of Maryland Global Campus in Management Studies. She has previously earned three Community College of the Air Force Associates degrees.

Prior to crossing over to safety Hartner was in the munitions systems career field.

Hartner is looking forward to the opportunity to grow future leaders by supporting their pursuit to reach their full potential. “I am grateful to have had leaders that challenged me to surpass my perceived limitations which created a ripple that has impacted many facets of my life,” said Hartner. “I look forward to continuing that ripple so that others may rise a little higher to their potential for themselves and the Air Force.”