Col. Matthew Crowell, the Air Force Safety Center’s Chief of Aviation Safety, and Capt. Phillip Butler, 314th Fighter Squadron, operate their virtual aircraft at AFRL’s Directed Energy and Kinetic Energy Directed Energy Concept Utility Experiment (DEKE DEUCE) held at Kirtland AFB, N.M. Jan. 24 – 28, 2022. (U.S. Air Force photo/Allen Winston)

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Major Devries Awarded Distinguished Flying Cross
127th Wing
Video by Staff Sgt. Andrew Schumann
Nov. 6, 2020 | 0:59
The Honorable Barbara Barrett, the 25th Secretary of the Air Force, presented the Distinguished Flying Cross to Major Brett DeVries from the 127th Wing. DeVries was recognized for safely landing an A-10 Thunderbolt II after a catastrophic aircraft malfunction that caused the canopy to eject and crippled the landing gear. DeVries, a senior A-10 pilot assigned to the 107th Fighter Squadron here, has more than 2,000 flight hours to include 830 in combat. (U.S. Air National Guard video by Andrew Schumann)

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