Airman marshals aircraft.

Integrating Risk and Readiness

“As we reoptimize for Great Power Competition, infusing risk management into all facets of planning, preparation, execution, and assessment is imperative across all operations and environments.”

Gen. David W. Allvin
Air Force Chief of Staff

CSAF’s Integrating Risk and Readiness campaign kicks off to prep Airmen for complex combat environments

This proactive campaign stems from the need to drive understanding that to win in our future fight, we must better prepare all Airmen to make risk-informed decisions, and to subsequently drive improved decision making in this context.

The DAF is going through a massive transformation to ensure we are prepared for the peer fight in evolving, complex and dynamic environments. However, we must understand any time we undergo major change there is associated risk to both organizations and individuals as they work to find new, effective, and repeatable ways to address hard problems. Combined with deviating from known norms and safe operating procedures, Agile Combat Employment (ACE) will require the assumption of higher risks as we do business differently. The concept of ACE intends to have the Air Force disaggregate operations with small teams, where subordinate leaders (officers and NCOs) make risk-informed decisions based on the experience in training, along with mission type orders that will provide mission parameters and expectations.


  • Embed a robust RM foundation in Airmen’s operational DNA
  • Train how we fight… embed in everyday ops & guidance documents
  • Provide data and analytical forecasting tools to all Airmen
  • Build RM tools to support distributed operations at all levels
  • Build trust between levels of command that enables risk management at the source
  • Provide a HAF-initiated, whole of Air Force approach

Safety is foundational to every operation – ground, air, and space

Integrating Risk and Readiness Campaign Vision

An operational force that understands and integrates risk management concepts to enhance readiness across the full scope of training, exercises, and combat operations.

Integrating Risk and Readiness Campaign Intent & Approach

The campaign’s multi-stage approach aims to institutionalize efforts across the force with both a short-term and long-term focus. Within the next 3-6 months (short-term), the Safety Team will focus on increasing the drumbeat of enterprise-wide communications on operationalizing risk management, including a campaign video from the CSAF’s office, a MAJCOM-led day dedicated to risk management training and discussion, and a rollout of improved data analysis tools. The long-term focus is building an enduring culture of risk management through implementation in policy, directives, and education at all levels of the enterprise.

Stand-Up Day Intent

A proactive MAJCOM-led effort stemming from a recognition that to win in our future fight and better prepare Airmen at all levels and AFSCs to make risk-informed decisions.

  • Kick-off event to institutionalize Risk Management into operational planning and execution
  • Educate Airmen on risk-informed decision making in operational environment

“Combat operations and training are inherently risky. They require action. We must train Airmen at all levels how to approach those actions smartly with risk management skills.”

Maj. Gen. Sean M. Choquette
Department of the Air Force Chief of Safety