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Human factors describe how our interaction with tools, tasks, working environments, and other people influence human performance.

Human error remains the leading cause of DoD mishaps. Many investigators look only as far as the person(s) involved in the mishap. However, the majority of mishaps have supervisory and/or organizational influences that lead to or contribute to their occurrence. Mishaps are rarely attributable to a single cause, but are often the end result of a series of errors.

The DoD HFACS version 8.0 was designed to accommodate all occupational communities throughout the DoD and intended for use by safety personnel, data research personnel and commanders in three inter-related areas.

1. Provide a structured tool that aids safety personnel in explaining the linkage between complex layers of underlying organizational weaknesses/root causes and an individual’s active failure and/or severity of damage or injury.
2. Improve mishap prevention strategies by using this tool during pre-mission planning and safety inspection as an aid to identify the underlying organizational weaknesses/root causes of hazards and hazardous conditions in order to develop more effective risk controls.
3. Provide data research personnel with a standard, data-driven approach which meets the intent of DoDI 6055.07 to “Establish procedures to provide for the cross-feed of human error data using a common human error categorization system that involves human factors taxonomy accepted among the DoD components”.

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DoD HFACS 8.0 Guide

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Human factors are the leading cause of DoD mishaps. The DoD HFACS model presents a systematic, multidimensional approach to error analysis and mishap prevention.

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