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One Airman or Space Professional lost to a fall mishap is one too many.  Since 2015 there have been 15 fatalities and permanent disabilities caused by on and off-duty falls in the Air Force.  That’s one of the many reasons we are passionate about fall prevention.    Take some time to focus on fall prevention July 20-24 using this year’s Air Force theme, “Calling All Fall Prevention Warriors!”

Fall Prevention Focus is something we can all participate in,

whether we are at work or at home during the COVID-19 pandemic!



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Fall Prevention Focus is a time period each year the Air Force uses to highlight reducing slips, trips and falls.  The theme this year is "Calling All Fall Prevention Warriors", encouraging Airmen and Space Professionals to find and correct fall prevention issues whether they are at work or at home. Fall Prevention Focus Week 2020 is July 20-24.

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PARTICIPATE IN FALL PREVENTION AT HOME OR AT WORK! Check equipment or look for hazards, whether you are at home or at work during the COVID-19 pandemic.

1. Check your equipment – examples: Are there any recalls for any of your harnesses? Check it against the recall list provided on this page.  At home are your ladders and step stools safe?

2. Review your fall prevention program – example: Is your program in compliance with AFMAN 91-203?

3. Ensure understanding – examples: Can you explain fall prevention? Have you spoken with your family members about fall prevention? Are they aware of everyday household slips, trips and falls? Do they know how to inspect or use a ladder or step stool properly? 

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If you need help, use the resources on this page and from our Occupational Safety SharePoint.  You can choose from videos, graphs, statistical analysis, materials from past Fall Prevention Focuses, resources by topic, downloadable material, and resource submissions. 



Link to Slips, Trips & Falls tab Link to Ladder/Stair Safety tab Link to Falls from heights tab Link to dditional resourses tab


  On Duty Class A thru D Fall Injuries - Top 6 Locations graphUSAF FY19 Class A thru D On-Duty Fall Injury Locations graph

Select graphs above for the Fall Focus Analysis FY2015 thru FY2019


2020 Fall Prevention Focus



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OSHA National Stand-down LInk CPWR website link

Safety Videos


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Calling All Fall Prevention Warriors - Airmen working on aircraft engine

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Calling All Fall Prevention Warriors poster - Airman working on aircraft wing harnessed to aircraft

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