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One Airman lost to a fall mishap is one too many.  Since 2013 there have been 24 fatalities and permanent disabilities caused by on and off-duty falls in the Air Force.  That’s one of the many reasons we are passionate about fall prevention.  For the sixth year in a row, we are partnering with OSHA to highlight fall hazards and prevention measures.  Take some time out this week to participate using this year’s Air Force theme, “The Right Way!”



Fall Prevention Focus is a time period each May the Air Force uses to focus on reducing slips, trips and falls.  We are partnering with OSHA and NIOSH for the 6th year in a row to shine a light on fall prevention efforts. The theme this year is "The Right Way", highlighting and encouraging Airmen to use fall prevention the right way. 


Supervisors: Take some time during 6-10 May to hold an informal meeting to discuss fall prevention in the work areas.  This can be as simple as open discussions, organized meetings, fall safety demonstrations, and PPE checklist reviews.  Help others by sharing your FP materials using the button to the right.




Use the resources on this page and from our Occupational Safety SharePoint to share with Airmen!  We've got videos, graphs, statistical analysis, materials from past Fall Prevention Focuses, resources by topic, downloadable material, resource submissions from top-performing units and more! 




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