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Fall Prevention

One Airman or Guardian lost to a fall mishap is one too many!

Since 2013, there have been 18 on and off-duty fall fatalities in the Department of the Air Force. We encourage you to take steps year-round to integrate fall prevention and awareness efforts in your work areas and at home.

Fall Prevention is everyone's responsibility, and we can all participate in finding and fixing fall hazards at work or at home!

See Something, Do Something ... Live to be Lethal!

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What is fall prevention?

The Department of the Air Force and Occupational Safety and Health Administration partner in the National Safety Stand-Down to highlight reducing slips, trips and falls. We encourage Airmen and Guardians to find and correct fall prevention issues whether they are at work or at home. See Something, Do Something ... Live to be Lethal!

What can I do?

Check equipment or look for hazards

1. Check your equipment – Are there any recalls for your harnesses? Check here. Are your ladders and step stools safe?

2. Review your fall prevention program – Is your program in compliance with DAFMAN 91-203?

3. Ensure understanding – Have you spoken with your family members about fall prevention? Are they aware of everyday household slips, trips and falls? Do they know how to inspect or use a ladder or step stool properly? 

How do I do it?

If you need help, use the resources on this page and from our Occupational Safety SharePoint. You can choose from videos, graphs, statistical analysis, materials from past Fall Prevention Focuses, resources by topic, downloadable material, and resource submissions. 


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Click for a list of fall prevention gear recalls. NOTE: List is not exhaustive - check your PPE manufacturer for possible recallsIs Your Gear Good To Go poster - Airman in harness sitting on top of plane

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Safety Videos

Fall Prevention FAQs

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