Graphic announcing the release of the FY2022 DAF Annual Safety Awards.

Hall of Fame

Department of the Air Force

Safety Hall of Fame Award


DAF Safety Hall of Fame induction is a lifetime, one-time distinction, and as a consequence, inductions are infrequent. The award recognizes United States Air Force and Space Force military or civilian personnel who have made unique contributions to Air Force or Space Force safety. These contributions must be made over an extended period and must result in enduring, unprecedented, and significant improvements to Air Force or Space Force safety. The awardee's performance and contributions are generally recognized by his or her peers as being of exceptional excellence and of quantifiable value to safety.

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PhotoDan Stanton2024June2024 Stanton DAF Safety Hall of Fame Citation - FINAL.pdf
 Al "Dr. Love" Jones2023December 
 Robert Ware2021December 
 John B. Bond2021October 
 Kathleen A. Armstrong2021July 
 Michael L. Ballard2021July 
 CMSgt Joshua Franklin2021April 
 Bill R. Parsons2021April 
 Dr. Timothy S. Strongin2018April 
 Jimmy D. Weston2018March 
 Clifford D. Tebbe2018March 
 Stephen R. Hildenbrandt2017December 
 Vance E. Lineberger2017June 
 Dr. Jeffrey R. Calcaterra2016September 
 CMSgt. Tracy V. Francis-Oliver2016July 
 David G. Christensen2016March 
 Lt Gen. Brooks L. Bash2015May 
 CMSgt. Frederick Glass2015February 
 CMSgt. Charles W. Meyer2015February 
 Michael D. Hannah2014February 
 Virgil Mitchell2014February 
 Theodore Fecke2013June 
 Col. Doug "Odie" Slocum2013January 
 Col. Donald J. White2012June 
 Frank Kelley2011December 
 William Carter2011November 
 Gary Brisbane2011June 
 Col. Warren Thomas2011May 
 Walter O. Monteith2011February 
 Eugene LeBouf2011January 
 Thomas Pazell2010December 
 Paul Carlisle2010December 
 Louie Alley2010December 
 Lee Vetter2009January 
 Everett W. Smith2008December 
 Col. Barry Olson2008September 
 John Phillips2008September 
 LtCol. Edward L. Vaughan, IV 2008July 
 SMSgt. Douglas Crosbie2008February 
 Eric Olson2007December 
 CMSgt. Kevin L. Ennis2007October 
 LtCol. Jeffrey Thomas2007April 
 William Bradford2007January 
 LtCol. Phillip Taber2006October 
 Robert Campbell2006September 
 Herm Dean2006August 
 Joseph W. Oravits2005July 
 Timothy L. Dues2005July 
 Ed J. Roberts2005July 
 Donald G. Gwynne, Jr.2005July 
 Kerry Thomason2005March 
 CMSgt Gwendolyn Dooley2004December 
 Preston Parker2004November 
 Col. Daniel T. Tompkins2004January 
 Mr. Timothy Clapp2003December 
 LtCol. Edward H. Browne2003May 
 Richard G. Smith2002September 
 Col. Robert W. Scott2002August 
 SMSgt Kevin Brown2002August 
 Otha B. Davenport2002May 
 CMSgt Ronni Kirby2002April 
 CMSgt Sadie Stewart2002March 
 Les A. Kinkle2002January 
 Paul D. Price2002January 
 Rudolph A. Diercks2001August 
 E. Dwayne Burks2000November 
 SMSgt David Etrheim2000December 
 Leopoldo Aragon2000July 
 Remhard "Whitey" Mauslof2000May 
 LTC Joseph A. Fury1999November 
 LTC Thomas Farrier1999October 
 Guy D. Mangus1999October 
 SMSgt Pennie L. Hardesty1999September 
 CMSgt Wallace King1999May 
 Robert L. Parli1999March 
 Ronald Baertsch1998December 
 CMSgt Jewell Hicks1998June 
 LTC Grant W. Hicinbothem1998April 
 Robert J. Kerr1998April 
 LTC Marcia A. Thornton1997December 
 Arlie E. Adams1997August 
 CMSgt Linda K. Alley1997June 
 Brig Gen Orin L. Godsey1997May 
 Col Thomas R. Booth1997May 
 John J. Clark Jr.1997January 
 Dick Baird1996December 
 LTC Daniel T. Dougherty1996November 
 MSgt William Morrow1996July 
 COL (Dr) Richard Levy1996July 
 Auto Watson1996April 
 Herbert J. Anderlik1996April 
 CMSgt Billy Hester1996February 
 LTC (Dr) Joyce Teters1995August 
 Col John Clapper1994October 
 Harvey Kelley1977August