Koren Kolligian Jr. Trohy


The Koren Kolligian Jr. Trophy recognizes outstanding feats of airmanship by aircrew members who by extraordinary skill, exceptional alertness, ingenuity, or proficiency, averted accidents or minimized the seriousness of the accidents in terms of injury, loss of life, aircraft damage, or property damage.


This trophy memorializes 1st Lt. Koren Kolligian Jr., an Air Force pilot declared missing in the line of duty when his T-33 aircraft disappeared off the California coast on Sep. 14, 1955.

Since the beginning, the family has continued to play an honored and indispensable role in each year’s presentation ceremony. The Kolligian family donated a large permanent trophy, on display in the Pentagon, plus individual presentation trophies for each year’s awardees.

Presented annually, this is the only individual flight safety award personally presented by Air Force chief of staff.

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Award PhotoYearNameMajor CommandAircraftCitation
Award Photo2021Maj. Brian A. CrawfordAFRCF-162021 Maj Crawford.pdf
Award Photo2020Capt. Taylor ByeACCA-102020 Bye Citation.pdf
Award Photo2019Capt. Justin W. SagerAETCT-62019 Capt Sager citation.pdf
Award Photo2018Capt. Matthew HeathAETCT-382018 Capt Heath Citation.pdf
Award Photo2017Lt. Col. Daniel P. FinneganANGF-16FY17 Kolligian Citation.pdf
Award Photo2016Maj. John Hourigan ANGC-1302016 Hourigan.pdf
Award Photo2015Maj. Jack Nelson ACCU-22015 Maj Nelson.pdf
Award Photo2014Capt. Tim KilhamAETCF-35A2014 Killham.pdf
Award Photo2013Lt. Col. William LeeAETCT-382013 Lt Col Lee.pdf
Award Photo2012Maj. Douglas WitmerHQ USAFAT-632012 Maj Witmer.pdf
Award Photo2011Capt. Frank BaumannAETCT-62011 Capt Baumann (Kolligian Citation, 2011).pdf
Award Photo2010Capt. Hans N. Buckwalter ACCF-15E2010 Capt Buckwalter.pdf
Award Photo2009Lt. Col. Joseph C. SantucciACCU-22009 Lt Col Santucci.pdf
Award Photo2008Lt. Col. Booth M. JohnstonANGF-16C2008 Maj Johnston.pdf
Award Photo2007Lt. Col. Eugene V. Becker AFSOCMH-53M2007 Lt Col Becker.pdf
Award Photo2006Lt. Col. Peter J. ByrneANGF-16C2006 Lt Col Byrne.pdf
Award Photo2005Capt. Andreas H. Lx AETCC-172005 Capt Ix.pdf
Award Photo2004Capt. Stephen G. EdwardsAFSOCMH-53M2004 Capt Edwards.pdf
Award Photo2003Capt. Michael L. Matesick ACCF-16C2003 Capt Matesick.pdf
Award Photo2002Maj. Jeffery G. Oleson ACCU-2S2002 Maj Olesen.pdf