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  • Flight Safety: Ensuring safe, efficient, effective environment

    Flight Safety is a small unit with a big mission. Airmen keep a watchful eye for hazards on the ground, the skies and everything in between that surrounds the airfield.
  • Saber awarded National Safety Council Rising Stars of Safety Award

    Earlier this year, an Airman assigned to Spangdahlem was the only Department of Defense member to be recognized by the National Safety Council as one of 38 “Rising Stars of Safety.”
  • Be safe and don’t have a scary Halloween

    For Joint Base San Antonio members and their families, celebrating Halloween safely is a matter of following common-sense tips that can make the day enjoyable without any unsafe incidents.
  • Hill urges drivers to slow down, keep roadways safe

    Over the past few months, there has been an increase in driving related mishaps across the installation. Personally owned vehicle mishaps on base were up 50 percent in the fourth quarter of fiscal 2021. Unfortunately, one of these mishaps resulted in a pedestrian being transported to a local hospital after being struck by a vehicle.
  • 846th Test Squadron qualifies vital new ejection system for Air Force’s new trainer jet

    Since the Air Force announced its intent to replace the T-38C Talon with the T-7A Red Hawk, various aspects of the successor have been studied to prepare the trainer jet for its imminent deployment.The examination of a critical component of the T-7A is underway at the Holloman High Speed Test Track at Holloman Air Force Base, New Mexico.In January
  • International Space Safety Pioneer award given to top Air and Space Forces civilian

    The International Association for the Advancement of Space Safety has selected Dr. Mark Glissman, the Chief of Air and Space Forces Space Safety as the recipient of the IAASS Jerome Lederer Space Safety Pioneer Award for 2021.
  • Airfield Management; providing a safe and effective airfield

    When thinking of the Air Force, one’s mind tends to immediately shift to pilots, aircraft and air dominance. However, without a safe, operational airfield, unrivaled combat airpower would stay grounded on the Tyndall flight line. The Airmen of the 325th Operations Support Squadron airfield management flight are a part of the foundation of total air dominance. Tyndall is home to the Weapons System Evaluation Program East and Checkered Flag, both Department of Defense exercises held regularly to ensure DoD assets are prepared for real-world contingency operations.
  • Accelerating change leads to National Safety Council Rising Star of Safety.

    The 12th rising star of safety, Senior Master Sgt. Victorio Gutierrez accelerating change through new safety initiatives, named rising star of safety by the National Safety Council.
  • NDI energizes Kadena

    Nondestructive inspection specialists ensure aircraft safety and readiness by using magnetic particles, fluorescent penetrants and eddy currents to detect cracks in aircraft parts that may be invisible to the naked eye. A magnetic particle inspection is a nondestructive method used to reveal surface and near surface discontinuities in magnetic materials. The keys to a successful magnetic particle inspection are the correct amount of magnetization of the part, adequate contrast between the part’s surface and the particles used to identify the flaw.
  • 4th Quarter Load Comp at Nellis AFB

    Airmen from the 57th Maintenance Group gathered for the 4th quarter load competition at Nellis Air Force Base, Nevada, Oct. 15th, 2021. Load comp is a demonstrative competition between crews to ensure readiness and proper munition handling while racing against the clock. Multiple teams competed by doing safety checks and loading munitions on their respective aircraft

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