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  • COMMENTARY - Normalization of deviance: Is this standard for AF explosives safety?

    I recently heard the term normalization of deviance. Having never heard this term, I began a little research to educate myself and was immediately convinced normalization of deviance has become common practice in the world of explosives safety.
  • Kunsan Safety: Leading through hazards

    The 8th Fighter Wing safety office helps commanders deter complacency and preserve personnel, equipment and resources while maintaining combat readiness and proficiency.
  • USDA Wildlife Services complete deer removal project on Joint Base MDL

    The United States Department of Agriculture Wildlife Services accomplished the Community Based Deer Management Project which took place at the Falcon Creek golf course on Joint Base MDL in the weeks of March 9th and 16th. The project was aimed to reduce the risk of aircraft and deer collisions around the airfield.
  • Air Force promotes home safety, offers free firearm cable locks

    The Department of the Air Force is contributing to home safety by offering free cable locks for personally-owned firearms, which are a first line of defense for safe storage and unintentional use.
  • F-35 Joint Program Office honored with 2020 SecDef Environmental Award

    The Environmental, Safety and Occupational Health team received the honor for its actions to eliminate hazards associated with the production, operation and maintenance of the F-35 Lightning II.
  • Bioenvironmental engineering flight key to PPE development

    Bioenvironmental engineering flight key to PPE development
  • Bring Safety Home

    As the nation moves to adapt and minimize the spread of the Coronavirus 2019, the Department of the Air Force is prioritizing the health and safety of our Airmen and Space professionals, civilian personnel, and families. By encouraging prevention measures and making modifications to ensure all essential missions get off the ground, many now find themselves supporting the Air Force mission to ‘fly, fight, and win’ from a home office.
  • Djibouti Unknown

    This story provides an account of a joint partnership between the Smithsonian Institution and the Air Force to explore the Horn of Africa nation of Djibouti to identify and analyze all wildlife hazards near airfields. The expedition successfully collected 93 specimens and built partnership capacities with Djiboutian nationals by providing life-saving information on human wildlife interactions.
  • Keeping our Eagles flying

    In 2007 an F-15 split apart in the skies over Missouri. The investigation determined a cracked longeron was the cause of accident. Since that time, the 402nd Aircraft Maintenance Group F-15 Sustainment Programs Office with the Warner Robins Air Logistics Complex at Robins Air Force Base, Georgia, has been inspecting and replacing the longerons to keep our pilots safe and the F-15 C/D Eagle aircraft flying.
  • Keep Calm and Cope with COVID

    Stress and anxiety serve a purpose. These emotions are your body’s way of alerting you to a threat, calling you to action! Here’s the basics: wash your hands often and well, avoid touching your face, practice physical distancing, cough and sneeze into the inside of your elbow, and wear a protective facial covering when physical distancing cannot be maintained. If you’re doing these things, there’s nothing else for you to do to prevent the spread. But what do you do when your stress and anxiety are no longer serving you and, instead, causing more problems?