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  • Airstrikes to bird strikes: historic island tackles new battle

    Heavily bombarded during a bloody two-week battle in World War II and the subsequent 44-month occupation by the Japanese before being handed over to U.S. forces on Sept. 4, 1945, Wake Atoll has attested to the resiliency of U.S. military members and civilians.
  • 102nd Intelligence Wing Safety Office wins ANG-level award

    The 102nd Intelligence Wing Safety Office recently won the 2019 Air National Guard, Director of Safety Award for Outstanding Achievement in Occupational Safety.
  • Musculoskeletal injury top threat to Airmen readiness, lethality: Interventions support fitness improvement plan

    Mission readiness is key to the execution of the National Defense strategy, and the Air Force Materiel Command is operating on the front lines ensuring Airmen are fit to fight.The Department of Defense defines readiness as the ability of military forces to fight and meet the demands of assigned missions. A closer look at possible reasons for low
  • Snow happens "weather" you like it or not

    Winter in Colorado Springs, especially if you are new to the area, can be frustrating. It can be snowing in one area of the city, while the sun is shining bright in another. So, how does base leadership decide whether or not you go to work? A snow call!
  • AFRC introduces alternant cardio assessment in lieu of weather waiver

    As of Jan. 1 guidance from AFRC replaced the weather waiver with an alternate indoor cardiorespiratory fitness assessment.
  • Get more and better quality sleep for your health

    Getting more and better quality sleep can be beneficial on multiple health fronts.“Insufficient sleep can decrease the immune system’s ability to be as strong as it should to fight common illnesses such as head colds and other viruses,” said Dr. Nathan Samras, a primary care physician at the University of California, Los Angeles Health. “It can
  • C-5M aircrew teamwork, quick thinking lead to successful outcome

    A C-5M Super Galaxy aircrew consisting of 9th Airlift Squadron and 436th Aircraft Maintenance Squadron personnel started on a mission Jan. 13, 2020, only to return to Dover 15 days later after encountering numerous challenges and an inflight medical emergency along the way.The 12-strong REACH 190 aircrew consisted of the following members of the
  • Army joins Air Force for OSHA training

    Soldiers and Airmen in the Pennsylvania National Guard attended an Occupational Safety and Health Administration course hosted at the 171st Air Refueling Wing, Jan. 29-30 2020, near Pittsburgh, Pa. Eighteen members from the Army National Guard were in attendance in addition to 10 airmen. The goal is to minimize the amount of injuries and accidents by properly informing military members of safety standards. Guardsmen are constantly working towards integrating safety into their daily work centers.
  • PSAB Airmen partner with RSAF; improve aircraft inspection capability

    NDI Airmen assigned to the 378th Expeditionary Maintenance Squadron partnered with their Royal Saudi Air Force counterparts to create a streamlined way of inspecting the aircraft assigned to Prince Sultan Air Base, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
  • 166th AW fuel cell maintainers work in high places, tiny spaces

    The fuel system of a C-130H2 is one of the most complex and critical systems on the aircraft. To keep the aircraft mission-ready, fuel cell maintainers work in dark, grimy and difficult-to-access places. They perch on top of the wings while clipped to a safety harness, or inside the tanks wearing a full-face respirator.Working on an aircraft fuel