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  • USAF 7 Summits update: 5 May - HAPE and HACE

    7 Summits team member Rob Marshall reported Sunday a fatality on the mountain. Those who listened to Rob's most recent voice update (see previous post) were probably jarred by the news of a fatality on the mountain. According to other news reports, the victim was a 37-year old Sherpa who died at

  • Time to ride!

    Every year more than 39,800 Airmen across the Air Force dust the cobwebs off their motorcycles and pull out their riding gear as the temperature rises. Before they hit the open road, Airmen are required to receive the annual motorcycle safety briefing, per Air Force Instruction 91-207, The U.S. Air

  • Motorcycle Safety Day

    With the warm, sunny weather fast-approaching, people are beginning to participate in outdoor activities such as camping, boating and day trips to the beach. With all the extra traffic on the road, one summer activity becomes more dangerous: riding motorcycles.For these and other reasons, the 436th

  • USAF 7 Summits update: (30 Apr: Team Rest at EBC)

    7 Summits team member Rob Marshall reported Tuesday that today is their second day of rest from the upper parts of the mountain.Our first "rotation" on the upper part of the mountain went very well. All six of the USAF 7 Summits climbers made it to Camp 2 (~21,100ft) and a few went up to the base of

  • USAF 7 Summits update: 26 April - Camp 2

    7 Summits team member Rob Marshall reported Friday that the American flag is the highest point in the camp which sits at 21,100′. The start to the day was cold with single digit temperatures in the early morning, but it warmed up and turned out to be a beautiful day. With the Lhoste face looming

  • USAF 7 Summits Update: 23 Apr: Base Camp Rest Day

    April 22nd, 2013 Rob Marshall checked in just a few minutes ago from Base Camp. After yesterday's venture into the Khumbu Icefall in snowy conditions, he reports a bright and sunny day at EBC, with the Air Force flag flying high over their campsite! The team is taking a rest and recovery day today,


    With recent gun activity incidents involving two Air Force service members, both resulting in weapon discharges inside homes off-base and on-base, JBER leadership would like to make gun owners aware that firearm safety is no laughing matter.People purchase guns every day, be it from those wanting

  • USAF 7 Summits Update (21 Apr: Everest-A (very) brief climbing history)

    As we wait for word on whether the team has made it's first of several trips through the Khumbu Icefall to Camp 1 at 19,900', we'd like to offer a short history lesson on Mt. Everest climbing. 2013 is an auspicious year to be on Everest, as it is the 60th anniversary of the first ascent by Sir

  • USAF 7 Summits post: Apr 18: Lobuche Peak Climb!

    What a great day to be alive! It's 7:45pm on the 18th and most the team is already asleep in their tents. We are at Lobuche Base Camp and recently finished up a meal of curried rice, cauliflower, roast chicken, soup and cake. Yes- somehow the Sherpas baked two cakes in their rugged camp kitchen- one

  • 7 Summits Update (18 Apr: Lobuche summit bid)

    By the time you read this, our USAF 7 Summits climbers should have returned from 20,161' Lobuche peak. They moved to high camp yesterday, and expected to summit on Apr 18. We hope to hear word back from them (and hopefully get some summit photos) as they make their way back to Everest Base Camp

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