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  • Trial and Triumph Through Safety

    One of Hurlburt's own has been spreading the Air Force's safety message. Staff Sgt. Dwayne Hopkins is the Air Force Special Operations Command representative for the Airman-to-Airman Safety Advisory Council also known as A2A, for a two-year term. As an AFSOC representative, he briefs young Airmen

  • Have a plan; save your career

    In July, Senior Airman Stephen Nubin made a choice that would affect the rest of his career. After coming back from a night downtown with his friends, he decided to drive home. He drove on base and decided to pull over when he got to clothing sales. However, the damage was already done. He was

  • Aviation safety resources expand with proactive safety website

    Information and resources for use of the aviation safety community have expanded with the launch today of the Air Force Aviation Safety ProSEF website. The site is also accessible from the Air Force Safety Center home page.The initiative of the Air Force Aviation Division is intended to reach

  • Do's and Don'ts for Airmen during political season

    With the 2012 general presidential election only weeks away, please keep in mind that special ethics rules apply to active-duty Airmen regarding their political activities. The purpose of these rules is to ensure the Department of Defense does not influence our nation's electoral process. Violation

  • Ghosts, goblins and ghouls: here come the tricks

    Halloween is just around the corner. Everyone, young and old, is getting ready. Choosing costumes, buying treats, decorating and party-planning are all part of the preparations. This year is no different than any other; the best way to enjoy all the activities is to keep your focus on safety.The

  • Statement of Support

    James T. Rubeor, Air Force Safety Center Executive Director, signs a Statement of Support Oct. 3, recognizing AFSEC's commitment to the continued support for the Guard and Reserve as an essential strength to our nation and to the well-being of our communities, as Brig. Gen. Andrew Salas, The

  • Employer Support for Guard and Reserve

    Bill "Top" Parsons,center left, Air Force chief of ground safety, and Bill Walkowiak, center right, Air Force deputy chief of ground safety, received Employer Support of the Guard and Reserve Patriot Awards for outstanding support of their employees who are members of the Air Force Reserve.The

  • Sober was smarter and safer

    As a student at West Virginia University I was very familiar with late nights, bar crawls and game day at Mountaineer Field. During my freshman year there I was required to take an orientation class aimed at helping students understand college life and how to adjust to it. The one thing I remember

  • Aviation, Ground Safety Awards presented for mishap prevention

    Two Airmen and two squadron crews recently received Aviation Safety Well Done Awards, presented for outstanding airmanship or support to aircrew that prevented or reduced the impact of a serious flight mishap. Three Airmen received Ground Safety Well Done Awards, presented in recognition of

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