Hanscom AFB begins "101 Critical Days of Summer" campaign

  • Published
  • By Rick Berry
  • 66th Air Base Group Public Affairs

HANSCOM AIR FORCE BASE, Mass. -- The Air Force Safety Center’s “101 Critical Days of Summer” campaign kicked off Memorial Day weekend and runs through Labor Day weekend.

This period, known for increased outdoor activities, travel, and social gatherings, traditionally carries a heightened risk of accidents and injuries, according to the Air Force Safety Center.

“The campaign emphasizes off-duty risk management to protect personnel, viewed as a critical weapon system,” said Staff Sgt. Seven Johnson, 66th Air Base Group Operational Safety specialist. “If you’re injured due to poor risk management, you can’t perform your duties.”

Johnson added, “With the changing weather providing more opportunities for outdoor activities, the campaign aims to promote safety during these activities, both on and off duty.”

According to the National Safety Council, during winter months, both vehicle miles and deaths go down, while in the summer months, vehicle miles and deaths increase, which resulted in 405 deaths during the summer months of 2021.

During this time last year, the Department of the Air Force had 190 mishaps involving a motor vehicle with 85 percent occurring off duty. Additionally, DAF had 228 off-duty mishaps occurring during sports and recreation, 21 involving water. In total, the Department, unfortunately, lost 20 lives during the 2023 summer.

This year, the Air Force Safety Center is reviving the campaign with new off-duty risk management materials aimed at educating Airmen and Guardians about the dangers associated with summer activities. 

"Our [Hanscom AFB Safety] SharePoint features a clickable logo that directs to the Air Force Safety Center for all necessary information,” said Johnson. “We also have a promotional board with tips, tricks, and safety gear, which we display at various locations like the gym and the Brown building."

Safety officials say it’s imperative that Airmen and Guardians practice proper off-duty risk management throughout the “101 Critical Days of Summer” and beyond.

Additional summer safety tips are available on the Air Force Safety Center’s summer site at https://www.safety.af.mil/Divisions/Occupational-Safety-Division/Summer-Safety/.