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  • Motorcycle Safety Day

    With the warm, sunny weather fast-approaching, people are beginning to participate in outdoor activities such as camping, boating and day trips to the beach. With all the extra traffic on the road, one summer activity becomes more dangerous: riding motorcycles.For these and other reasons, the 436th

  • Program teaches lifesaving motorcycle skills

    Even though I've been riding for almost all of my life, I just recently realized how much I didn't know about motorcycles. This past summer, I was lucky enough to meet some professional motorcycle riders and find out that there is an art to making a motorcycle perform at its limit.The popularity of

  • JBLE Motorcycle riders celebrate Safety Day, Armed Forces Run & Rodeo

    More than 300 motorcycle riders brought their beloved bikes to Fort Eustis to share the spirit of safety, and enjoy a day of beautiful springtime riding weather at the 2012 Joint Base Langley-Eustis Armed Forces Motorcycle Ride and Rodeo, May 11. The annual event, which is held each May to promote

  • Dress for the crash, not the ride

    It was a beautiful day in Abilene, Texas. I had been home about a week after a six-month deployment, right in the time frame statistics report accidents are most likely to happen post-deployment. After discussing my "need" for a new motorcycle with my wonderful wife, Diana and I made a trip to one

  • Air Force safety officials launch critical days of summer website

    May 25th marks the first day of the Critical Days of Summer (CDS) safety campaign. The summer is a welcome time of year marked by warmer weather and increased participation in outdoor activities. Unfortunately, it's historically the time of year when the Air Force experiences disproportionately more

  • Colonel encourages 'caged' drivers to watch out for bikers

    Col. Dana Morel knows the dangers of motorcycle riding as well as anyone.A biker herself, Morel was a lieutenant at Mather Air Force Base, Calif., in 1986 when a young airman she knew with the base honor guard took off speeding one night. Distraught over the end of a romance, he missed a turn and

  • The most critical hours of the Critical Days of Summer

    Please read the experience I received from a fellow AETC member regarding the Labor Day driving statistic. The intent here is to provide information and hopefully open everyone's aperture a bit. The sender's personal information was removed after he gave permission to send-on to all of you.Please

  • Juicy tips for barbecuing

    Molly and the girls had been hiking the Texas hillside all day. Now they were tired and hungry. Steve had left the barbecue grill and charcoal beside the travel trailer with instructions to light the charcoal at six.He would cook the ribs when he returned from fishing at seven. A summer thunderstorm

  • Back care: you can make a difference!

    BACK CARE: YOU CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE!"OUCH! Why did I try to lift that much weight on my own?" Did you ever ponder those words after you hoisted something heavy, or lifted from an awkward position? These incidents are well known causes of back strain, but you might not have considered other

  • Hold my beer ... Really?

    "Safety -- It's Personal" is the theme for this year's Critical Days of Summer (CDS) safety campaign, which runs from Memorial Day weekend through Labor Day weekend. This year's theme is a reminder that safety is everyone's responsibility and the decisions we make impact our friends, families and

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