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  • Keeping your workplace safe from fire

    To prevent your workplace from catching fire, whether that is your desk or on a ship, here are a few safety tips from The Naval District of Washington Emergency Services to prevent a potential fire from starting, and how to minimize damage if one does start. Extension cords and surge protectors are helpful when needing to plug in more equipment, but when used improperly they can start an electrical fire. When using an extension cord, be sure not to use it for more than eight to 12 hours, or to transfer power from one area to another. Surge protectors can be used for computers, printers and monitors, but should not be used with other surge protectors and extension cords.
  • 19th AMXS Airman extinguishes fire, prevents injuries, saves assets

    U.S. Air Force Staff Sgt. Quincy Brayton, 19th Aircraft Maintenance Squadron flying crew chief, walked onto the flight line to begin his shift under the night sky not knowing the events that would soon unfold.