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Safe + Sound Department of the Air Force supports workplace safety banner

The Department of the Air Force partners with OSHA in Safe + Sound Week each August. 

Safe + Sound is a nationwide event to raise awareness about workplace safety.

Safe + Sound Week is August 7-13, 2023.

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Safe & Sound Save the Date

Safety Videos

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2022 Top 3 Challenge Materials


Model safe behaviors and talk about safety daily. Recommended actions include, but aren't limited to the following:

-Request a no-cost, confidential OSHA consultation that is separate from enforcement and will not result in penalties or citations.

-OSHA offers Safety and Health Program Courses to assist in building a better understanding of safety.

-Make safety part of daily conversations with workers.

-Walk the jobsite to identify hazards.

-Conduct a short safety meeting.

-Create a safety video.

-Establish goals and objectives for a safety and health program.

-Recognize workers who meet or exceed safety and health goals.

-Find or become a safety mentor.

-Display a flyer or poster about workplace safety.


There are multiple ways you can participate in Safe + Sound week. The AFSEC Before and After Photo Challenge (rules listed above) or through OSHA's challenges .

The 3 in  30 ChallengeCheck on Safety,  All in on Safety, Lead with Safety and Eyes on Safety then submit your materials. 

The key is to participate and then share your actions on social media, in your newsletter, or post it in your workplace. 

Use the hashtags,




on social media. 


- Not quite sure how to start safety conversations in the workplace?

Better Safety Conversations

- Want some ideas for making safety more engaging or personal during your workplace gatherings?

Making Safety Personal

- Ever heard of a "safety walk-around"?

Safety Walkarounds


Get more ASAP posters here:  Airman Safety Action Program

Get more NSC posters here: NSC Posters

All Airmen and Guardians have access to free NSC memberships. Directions are on AFSEC's Occupational Safety SharePoint NSC membership page.

Management Leadership


Find and Fix Hazards

Careful! Fix up! Pick Up and Gear Up graphic

Focus on a hazardous task and conduct a Job Hazard Analysis 

Hazardous Energy graphic

Job Hazard Analysis Worksheet

Fall prevention, Hazardous energy and confined space graphic

Safe + Sound workplace safety graphic

Safe + Sound Fall Prevention graphic