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‚ÄčAs winter weather moves in, a myriad of potential hazards is introduced.  From the difficulties associated with driving on snow and ice to special concerns for winter fire safety, there is much to be addressed.  Please use this page as a resource for helpful tips to keep you and your family safe this winter.

Link to Driving Safety - Vehicles on snowy dark highway with lights on. Link to Slips and Falls on ice page - female sitting on ice Link to Hypothermia page - hand on glass with icicles Link to Snow Shoveling page- person shoveling show by vehicle
Driving Safety Slips & Falls on Ice Hypothermia Snow Shoveling
Link to Winter Holiday Safety page - Holiday ornaments on Christmas tree Link to Winter Sports & Rec - Skiers going down snowy mountain Link to Carbon Monoxide page - Carbon Monoxice meter on wall Link to Winter Fire Safety - House roof on fire with smoke
Winter Holiday Safety Winter Sports & Rec Smoke & Carbon Monoxide Safety Winter Fire Safety
Link to New Year's Eve Safety - Bottle with corks and confetti on table      
New Year's Eve Safety      

Happy Holidays from the Air Force Safety Center

Happy Holidays wreath with lights and Air Force Safety Center Shielf  Link to Holiday Safety downloads Christmas tree button




Sit down today and develop a family emergency plan that will assist you and your loved ones with remembering pertinent information and locating one another in case of an emergency.


Link to a downloadable Family Emergency Plan example

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