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  • 'Hang on' through summer

    No matter your past training or accomplishments, risk is relentless.A friend of my father, I'll call him "M," gave me my first safety lesson when I was about 10 years old.I was standing short and skinny, in 1978, above an intermediate rapids section of the river with a helmet, a life jacket and a big, black truck tire inner-tube, and he said,
  • AFSEC Mentorship Motorcycle Ride

    The Air Force Safety Center hosted a mentorship motorcycle ride on June 6, 2013. The ride focused on safety and riding capabilities of experienced and novice riders. The ride provided group riding on multi-condition road surfaces, as well as allowing for multiple riders to critique each other on skills and tactics for safe riding.The day's events
  • Maj. Gen. Kurt Neubauer takes reign of Air Force safety enterprise

    Maj. Gen. Kurt F. Neubauer assumed the duties of Air Force chief of safety and commander of the Air Force Safety Center here on July 15th.Reporting directly to the Air Force chief of staff, Neubauer develops, executes and evaluates Air Force aviation, ground, weapons, space and system mishap prevention and nuclear surety programs.The general served
  • Risk management key to Air Force team's seven summits: Part 6

    (Editor's Note: This is the final article in a series about the U.S. Air Force Seven Summits team. Since the start of the Seven Summits Challenge almost eight years ago, a lot has changed from the number of members, to their individual growth and service affiliation and duty stations, but what hasn't changed is the focus of the team. When this
  • Risk management key to Air Force team's seven summits: Part 5

    "When it's right, you go for it, but sometimes the best decision is to roll over and go back to bed; the mountain will be there tomorrow," said Capt. Kyle "Husky" Martin. Knowing when to tackle the challenge and when to reevaluate, gather more information and justify the risks involved are valuable tools of risk management (RM). Martin, an F-16
  • Risk management key to Air Force team's seven summits: Part 4

    "There was an immense sense of accomplishment. It was such an all-consuming venture for the past year. To see it culminate on the summit of Mount Everest was very gratifying. Yet, it was extremely peaceful, as well. I didn't notice the wind or the cold, but the moment was quite serene with the sun rising over the Tibetan plains, the entire world
  • Risk management a key player in reaching 7 Summits for USAF team: Part 3

    Risk management (RM) plays a huge part in being successful in the challenge, whether flying over the mountain tops or just standing on the highest peak in the world.Capt. Andrew Ackles, a TH-1 instructor pilot assigned to the 58th Special Operations Wing here, but stationed at Fort Rucker, Ala., was part of a 6 man team of Air Force Airmen that
  • Identify, plan for, mitigate risk

    To many of us in the Air Force, the words "Operational Risk Management" have become somewhat stale. The often turned to traditional training approach (a.k.a. Powerpoint or e­mail) doesn't seem relevant or engaging to the average Airman as leaders brief safety across the entire spectrum, from fireworks to barbecues to sunscreen. Sadly, we lost one
  • Risk management key to Air Force team's seven summits: Part 2

    The Seven Summits team uses their Air Force risk management (RM) training as they reach the highest summit in their challenge."We wanted to spread that Air Force safety message," said Capt. Colin Merrin, a GPS satellite operations mission commander stationed at Peterson Air Force Base, Colo. "You can't be hypocritical about the matter, saying,
  • Critical Days of Summer calls for increased risk management

    More daylight, clear skies and no school usually means one thing - summer is here.For many in the Air Force and Air Education and Training Command, summer means outdoor activities. Whether it's the road or the beach that beckons Airmen to come out and play, safety officials and senior leaders are asking service members to exercise sound