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  • Good advice: ‘Hit something soft’

    It could have been much worse.As my family sport utility vehicle slid sideways in a snow storm, I remembered the words of my high school driving instructor: "If you're going to crash, aim for something soft." But, there was nothing soft to the right side of Highway 115 just outside of Cañon City, Colo., and I wasn't having much luck aiming. There
  • Riding Stupid Kills

    There are many ways to kill yourself -- riding stupid is one of them. According to a recent Air Combat Command Safety study, more than 80 Airmen across the Air Force have died while motorcycling in the last 5 years. The sad thing: in 63 percent of the cases, Airmen were willfully non-compliant; that is, they tempted fate with one or more of the
  • Cheating Death: A Story About Second Chances

    May 27, 2012 is a day TSgt Mark Hopkins will never forget--even though it's a day he can barely remember.It was the day he made a choice that drastically altered his life forever, and almost ended it in the process."All I remember is hopping on my motorcycle around noon on my way to hang out with some fellow bikers for a friend's birthday," he
  • MacDill Airman Lucky to be Alive After Fireworks Accident

    "I never would have imagined that I would be rushed off to the hospital, injected with morphine, and wondering if I would ever be able to use my hands again."This was one of the grim thoughts that raced through the mind of SSgt Aaron Youngblood, 6th Medical Group NCO In charge of physical therapy, as he was transported off the site of a firework
  • Holiday/Winter Safety Campaign "Letter to Airmen"

    Maj. Gen. Kurt F. Neubauer, Air Force chief of safety, issued a Holiday/Winter Safety Campaign "Letter to Airmen" on Nov. 13. As part of this year's Holiday/Winter Safety Campaign, "Safe-n-Sound," Neubauer asks all Airmen to remember "double checks - not second thoughts." The Holiday/Winter Safety Campaign begins Nov. 22 and runs through Jan. 2,
  • Senior Safety Advisory Council meets to exchange safety ideas

    Members of the Air Force Senior Safety Advisory Council met Nov. 5 - 6 with Maj. Gen. Kurt F. Neubauer, Air Force chief of safety, to exchange ideas for current and future safety programs. "Safety is the connective tissue that pulls together all our efforts across all disciplines," said Neubauer, as he relayed the importance of every Airman's
  • JBER Airman is Rising Star of Safety

    Unknown to him nine years ago when he cross-trained to the safety career field, Senior Master Sgt. Joshua Franklin, 11th Air Force Ground Safety superintendent, would be one of the National Safety Council Rising Stars of Safety. Selected from more than 110 nominees working in a variety of industries representing four different countries, Franklin
  • PPE gives Laughlin rider second chance

    The motorcycle has minor damage, such as a broken foot peg, busted mirror, ruined carburetor and several cosmetic scratches; yet its rider, Airman 1st Class Randy Mullis, is lucky to be alive.Mullis, a radar approach control operator with the 47th Operations Support Squadron, was recently riding on Highway 335, 336, and 337. These highways, located
  • DGMC specialist recognized for safety

    Sean Zortman, 60th Medical Group safety and occupational health specialist at David Grant USAF Medical Center, was recently recognized by the National Safety Council as one of forty Rising Stars of Safety during a ceremony presented by DuPont Sustainable Solutions in Chicago earlier this month. The civilian Golden Bear was selected from more than
  • Safety center physiologist honored for contributions to human factors, ergonomics disciplines

    Maj. Joe Pugliese, assigned to the Human Factors Division, Air Force Safety Center (AFSEC), received the Oliver Keith Hansen Outreach Award on Oct. 1, in San Diego, Calif., for his support of the Military Flight Operations Quality Assurance Program (MFOQA) and Aviation Safety Action Program (ASAP) efforts managed by the Aviation Safety