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What is ASAP?

In the early days of military aviation, knowledge and experiences were shared either in the hangar or at the bar. Today we operate in a much more complex environment where we must leverage technology to capture those unintentional errors, hazardous situations, and high-risk activities that may not be identified through traditional safety reporting channels.

The Airman Safety Action Program is specifically designed to fulfill that need by  empowering every Airmen to identify hazards and offer risk mitigating solutions – anytime, anywhere using the Airman Safety App.

While the program was originally created to raise safety standards in the aviation community,  it has been redesigned to capture work safety issues in the occupational, space, and weapons disciplines as well.

Within minutes of identifying a potential hazard, such as a hole in the ground or an improperly designed aircraft part, a mobile report can be initiated on-site and submitted directly to the Air Force Safety Automated System. From here, all data is passed to the appropriate major command and down to the installation, where practices can be improved and resources can be allocated to resolve issues.


This is the cutting edge of mishap prevention. Welcome to ASAP! 


Over 5,000 ASAP reports have been submitted by Airmen since 2009.


  • ASAP allows the Air Force to document and track minor incidents - the bulk of events offering mishap prevention potential - that tend to slip through the “net” of formal safety reporting channels.
  • ASAP collects and publicizes the latest hazards at deployed locations, providing an ability to brief-up threats and errors related to airfields, terrain, ATC, navigation, and weather.
  • Approximately 60% of on-duty injuries are industrial and occupational. Reporting a hazard can make all the difference.
  • The “Scoreboard” is a protected website that allows aviation-related ASAP participants to see what remedial actions have been taken to address identified hazards.
  • ASAP allows decision-makers to look across platforms to perceive system-wide problems at deployed locations, with command & control, or with non-U.S. transient alert.


Have you identified a hazard?

Report it ASAP!


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