Safety and Accident Investigation Board President Course & Chief of Safety Course (BPC-COS)
Course Number WCIP 05B, PDS Code EAE

Course Description:
This course trains future DAFI 91-204 Safety Investigation Board (SIB) and AFI 51-307 Accident Investigation Board (AIB) presidents on their duties and responsibilities for Class A/B aviation, ground, space and weapons mishaps. The course also provides an introduction to diverse safety program requirements to enhance the student’s ability to effectively lead and manage the wing/base or equivalent-level Air Force or Space Force Safety (mishap prevention) program as the Chief of Safety IAW AFI 91-202. The curriculum includes SIB and AIB procedures, composition and duties; safety privilege; mishap analysis; COS duties/responsibilities; principles of safety management; mishap prevention, to include planning and implementation; mishap investigation and reporting; aviation, weapons, occupational, and space safety program requirements; human factors; risk management; epidemiology; training, force development, and public affairs.

Eligibility Requirements:
For officers or civilians (Major or GS-14 or higher) who are newly assigned Chiefs of Safety at an installation or wing. MAJCOM/FLDCOM or NAF-level personnel may attend on a space-available basis. MAJCOM/FLDCOM/DRU/FOA Safety Training POCs must request a waiver through AFSEC/SET ( for personnel who do not meet eligibility requirements. Air Force and Space Force personnel must obtain class seats through their COMMAND/DRU/FOA safety office.

Prerequisite:  All students enrolled in the BPC-COS course must complete a prerequisite before arrival. For instructions:

- Log onto the Air Force portal
- Under "Quick Links," "Safety," select "Training and Force Development"
- Under "TDY Information," select "AFSEC Course Prerequisites"

Class Length: 5 days

Class Start Time: 0730

Class End Time: 1700

Materials Required: Note paper, pen and/or pencil

Recommended Reading: AFI 91-202, DAFI 91-204, AFI 51-307, and applicable AFMANs

Training Location: Please refer to your Command POC and the FY 24 course calendar found at

Uniform Requirements:  Military members must attend class in the appropriate uniform and meet dress and appearance standards. OCPs and flight duty uniforms are permissible. Civilian members must wear business casual. Shorts, tank tops and athletic sweat suits are examples of inappropriate attire.

Contact Info:
SETM Course Managers, DSN: 246-1613/9511/4093/1449 (Comm: 505-846-1613/9511/4093/1449); Fax DSN: 246-1464; e-mail address: