Safety and Accident Investigation Board President Course (BPC)
Course Number AFSC 810, PDS Code SIP

Course Description:  This course provides training for future DAFI 91-204 Safety Investigation Board (SIB) and AFI 51-307 Accident Investigation Board (AIB) presidents regarding their duties and responsibilities for Class A/B aviation, ground, space and weapons mishaps. The course includes interim board procedures; SIB composition and duties; safety privilege; mishap analysis; and safety and accident investigation board procedures. The course also includes technical expert support and lessons learned by safety center representatives and past board presidents.

Eligibility Requirements:  For Major or GS-14 or higher who may be selected as an Investigation Board President or Single Investigating Officer. Attorneys/paralegals are not authorized to enroll in this course without approval from HQ AFSEC/JA. MAJCOM/FLDCOM/DRU/FOA Safety Training POCs must request a waiver through AFSEC/SET ( for personnel who do not meet eligibility requirements. Air Force and Space Force personnel must obtain class seats through their MAJCOM/FLDCOM/DRU/FOA safety office.

Class Length: 3 days

Class Start Time: 0730

Materials Required: Note paper, pen and/or pencil

Recommended Reading:  DAFI 91-204, AFI 51-307, and applicable AFMANs

Kirtland Training Location:  Please refer to your Command POC and the FY23 course calendar found at This course is offered as virtual or in-person with final determination approximately 30-days before the class start date.

Maxwell Training Location: CPD/CS, Bldg 1404 (Ira C. Eaker Center), 525 Chennault Circle, Maxwell AFB AL 36112—NORMALLY. However, students should wait for the information that flows from the Pre-Command Training POC(s).

Students will receive a welcome email approximately two weeks before the start of class confirming the location of the course.

Maxwell AFB Lodging:  All students attending courses at Maxwell should wait for further information from the Maxwell AFB POC.

Uniform Requirements: Students attending in-person may be billeted on the east or west side of base, a minimum of 3 miles to the training location and dining facility. Recommend a unit funded rental car or call Kirtland Vehicle Operations at DSN 246-2297 (Comm: 505-846-2297) to request a U-Drive-It vehicle.

Uniform Requirements:  Military members must attend class in the appropriate uniform and meet dress and appearance standards. OCPs and flight duty uniforms are permissible. Civilian members must wear business casual. Shorts, tank tops, and athletic sweat suits are examples of inappropriate attire.

Contact Info:  SETM Course Managers, DSN: 246-1613/9511/4093/1449 (Comm: 505-846-1613/9511/4093/1449); Fax DSN: 246-1464; e-mail address: