Mishap Investigation Non-Aviation (MINA) Course
Course Number WCIP 059, PDS Code I9Q

Course Description:
This course is designed to teach the apprentice investigator the Air Force mishap investigation process. The focus of instruction will be on investigating and determining root causes of mishaps. The course details techniques and technical aspects of a mishap investigation, and how to correctly prepare the six parts of an investigative report using DAFI 91-204 and applicable 91-series DAFMANs. Given a mishap scenario, the student will be able to develop a complete narrative based on investigation and analysis information. Working in teams, students will investigate mishap scenarios, prepare a report and present an out brief. The subject areas also include the impact of human behavior and culture, interviewing techniques and vehicle collision investigation.

Eligibility Requirements:
Full-time safety personnel (0017/0018/0803/1S0XX) with a minimum of 6 months safety experience; human factors, missile, weapons, and space safety personnel (1H0X1/42P/13H/48A/48R/61B/2MXXX/2WXXX) who are required to conduct mishap investigations on a routine basis. Introduction to Mishap Investigation (IMI) course graduates are not eligible to attend MINA in an Air Force Education Requirements Board-funded quota.  IMI previously served as a suitable substitute for MINA; therefore, IMI grads do not need to attend MINA.  Unit Safety Representatives may attend when approved by the MAJCOM/FLDCOM/DRU/FOA functional lead. MAJCOM/FLDCOM/DRU/FOA Safety Training POCs must request waiver through AFSEC/SET (afsec.set@us.af.mil) for personnel who do not meet eligibility requirements. Air Force and Space Force personnel must obtain class seats through their MAJCOM/FIELD COMMAND/DRU/FOA safety office.

Prerequisites: All students enrolled in the MINA course must complete a prerequisites before arrival. For instructions:

• Log onto the Air Force portal
• Under "Quick Links," "Safety," select "Training and Force Development"
• Under "TDY Information," select "AFSEC Course Prerequisites"

Class Length: 10 days

Class Start Time: 0730. NOTE: Students will be required to complete coursework outside of class hours.

Materials Required: Note paper, pen and/or pencil

Recommended Reading: DAFI 91-204, AFMAN 91-221, DAFMAN 91-223 and DAFMAN 91-224

Training Location: Please refer to your MAJCOM/FLDCOM/DRU/FOA safety office POC and the FY23 course calendar found at https://www.safety.af.mil/Divisions/Training-and-Force-Development-Division/. MINA will take place at the Air Force Safety Center on Kirtland AFB, NM, located at Bldg. 24499. Our address is 9700 G Ave SE Kirtland AFB, NM 87117-5670.

Kirtland AFB Lodging:
Do not use DTS to make your lodging reservations for AF Safety Center classes held at Kirtland AFB. AFSEC/SETM generates group billeting reservations on base for all students and will e-mail the reservation number to students NLT 2 weeks before class start dates. Students are responsible for confirming room reservations with their government credit card by calling the Kirtland Inn, DSN 246-9653 or Comm 505-846-9653.

Students may be billeted on the east or west side of base, a minimum of 3 miles to the training location and dining facility. Base transportation is not available between the Government dining facility and places of duty and lodging. Recommend students obtain a unit funded rental car. Students funded by AETC TDY-to-School funds should refer to the TDY-to-School handbook for rental car information: https://tdytoschool.us.af.mil/login/.

Uniform Requirements:
Military members must attend class in the appropriate uniform and meet dress and appearance standards. OCPs and flight duty uniforms are permissible. Civilian members must wear business casual; recommend bringing a pair of jeans for work during lab days. Labs are held outdoors - be prepared for inclement weather. Shorts, tank tops, and athletic sweat suits are examples of inappropriate attire.

Contact Info:
SETM Course Managers, DSN: 246-1613/9511/4093/9511/1449 (Comm: 505-846-1613/9511/4093/9511/1449); Fax DSN: 246-1464; e-mail address: afsec.setm@us.af.mil.