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Risk Management

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See Something, Do Something ... Live to Be Lethal!

Good Risk Management is all about informed decision making and it starts with YOU! It gives you, and your organization, the best chance of success in avoiding or mitigating unnecessary risk and deciding what is acceptable risk. At work and home, smart Risk Management serves as the foundation of our Air Force safety program and personal choices while off duty.

5-Step Process of Risk Management Wheel

Risk Management is not a safety process or a static checklist.

Risk Management is a decision making process and a way of looking at and evaluating challenges.

Risk Assessment Matrix graphic

Use the Risk Assessment Matrix to evaluate the risks


  • Accept no unnecessary risk
  • Make risk decisions at the appropriate level
  • Integrate risk management into operations, activities and planning at all levels
  • Apply the process cyclically and continuously

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Winning Video for Off-Duty Risk Management Contest

Off-Duty Risk Management

Off-Duty Risk Management

Defending the Human Weapon System

Our off-duty activities are important to help keep the Human Weapon System in top shape and sometimes include the thrill of taking risks. Whether it is a party, driving, skiing, fishing, or riding a motorcycle, we all have our own unique ways of blowing off steam and having some fun when we are not at work.

Defend your Human Weapon System from unnecessary threats and risks so you can apply it to keeping our Air and Space Forces the best in the world!

Human Weapons System graphic

We develop ways to mitigate threats to our mechanical and cyber systems. We can do the same with our Human Weapons System (You). To maintain the Human Weapon System in peak condition, it must be fed, hydrated, and rested. It needs frequent breaks from intense concentration and work where the mind can be rested and rejuvenated. We know we need to put effort into maintaining balance physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

Image link of Dr. Love pointing to a podcast on the Jay Allen Show

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