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Introduction to Mishap Investigation (IMI) Course
Course Number WCIP 09C, PDS Code ORL

Course Description:
This course provides training to occupational, weapons and space safety personnel on the fundamental theory of how to investigate all categories of mishaps other than aviation. The IMI course will provide students with basic principles and techniques of mishap investigation in the areas of ground, explosives, missiles and space as required by U.S. Air Force instructions. This course does not include any lab exercises or utilize the Air Force Safety Automated System (AFSAS) training system.

Eligibility Requirements:
For full-time occupational safety personnel (0018/0803 and 1S0 3/5 skill level) with less than two years safety experience, 2M munitions, 2W weapons, missile and space safety personnel who are currently working in a safety office and are required to do mishap investigations on a routine basis. Experienced occupational safety personnel may attend if approved by their MAJCOMs based on their experience and prior training. Air Force personnel must obtain class seats through their MAJCOM/DRU/FOA safety office. IMI is approved as a substitute for the Mishap Investigation Non-Aviation (MINA) course.

All students enrolled in the IMI class must complete prerequisites before arrival.  For instructions:

  • Log onto the Air Force portal
  • Under "Quick Links," "Safety," select "Training and Force Development"
  • Under "TDY Information," select "AFSEC Course Prerequisites"

Class Length: 5 days

Materials Required: Note paper, pens and pencils

Recommended Reading: AFI 91-204 and applicable 91-series AFMANs

Training Location: This course is offered in a "Roadshow" format only. Training locations vary.

Uniform Requirements:
Military members must attend class in the appropriate uniform and meet dress and appearance standards. ABUs, OCPs, and flight suits are permissible. Civilian members must wear business casual. Shorts, tank tops, and athletic sweat suits are examples of inappropriate attire.

Contact Info:
SETM Course Managers, DSN: 246-1613/1983/9511/4093 (Comm: 505-846-1613/1983/9511/4093); Fax DSN: 246-1464; e-mail address: afsec.setm@us.af.mil.